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A little peek into reality.


It is your final semester of completing that degree you have worked tediously for and you are quite excited to engage in the “real world of work”. However, working is not necessarily a field you will easily adapt to if you are not prepared. There are things every university student should seek to do to prepare for this period.


Every student should engage themselves in activities that will prepare them for the field of their specialization. This could be through volunteerism, partaking in university clubs or by doing some part-time job. As a law student I was a part of the Jamaicans for Justice club which allowed me to utilize the knowledge I had of the law informing other students or by assisting with actual cases at the parent body of the organization.

Acts as these will facilitate one becoming experienced in their area of interest which would provide an avenue for such person to become employed having garnered the experience needed with the added theoretical bonus. This will make students more marketable and somehow fill the gap where employers expect graduates to have experience having just completed a first degree.




Confidence in yourself and what you have to offer is an asset that needs to be cemented in your being before the day of any job interview. No one wants to hire someone with burning self-esteem issues so now is the time to fight those battles and be prepared for the challenges that are waiting in the world of work.



Exercise Discipline in having tasks completed in a timely manner while studying, as this will prepare you for moments when there are project deadlines to be met. There will be no room for late submission where percentages are deducted as facilitated by respective lecturers. This tardiness may cost you your job.  THERE IS REALLY NO ROOM TO PROCRASTINATE.


Punctuality goes with discipline as the employer values his time as he does money and when you are on his clock you are his money. You are expected to be on time for work and to stay on time (whether taking breaks, lunch etcetera) throughout the shift. It’s no longer a mind thing where you can skip meetings as you would at school if you don’t feel like going.


Professionalism extends to your general conduct of yourself, either through speech, attire or work presentation. The known practices of dressing to mirror one’s mood will not stand



Growth just as tax and rain; is inevitable in the workplace. “It’s not a fail and redo” basis. Either you perform, get the poor results you put in or your position becomes terminated. It speaks little when one is at the same level with no intent of achieving more.


This list is in no way exhaustive and is only a peek into some things that should be practiced during your university years so as to prepare you for when it is time to journey into the world of Sharks as it is not a welcoming world and is in no way easy as it leaves little room for errors. Be not only academically prepared,  know the business you are venturing into and become a part of it.




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